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GYEON Quartz Q² Tire 400 ml - Silica Based Tire Shine and Dressing, High Durability with a Natural Satin Finish, Non Sling Gel

GYEON Q2M Tire is the only SiO2 coating designed specifically for use on tires. This completely unique formula blocks out contaminants and UV rays the break own rubber causing browning and cracking to help maintain the like-new look of your tires. GYEON Q2M Tire makes tires look deep black and bead water like crazy!

There’s one thing about water beading: it’s addictive! Once you see the effect of a hydrophobic coating on paint, you’ll want the same effect on every inch of your vehicle. GYEON Q2M Tire allows you to get an incredible water beading effect on tires, while protecting them from the elements!

GYEON Q2M Tire is an SiO2 coating like no other, because it’s meant for use on tires! Your tires are on the front line of grime as they trudge through puddles and potholes mile after mile. Pretty soon, they’ll start to show their age if not properly protected. GYEON Q2M Tire blocks out UV rays, helping to prevent browning and cracking.


Directions for Application:
Tires should be cleaned using a strong degreaser prior to application.  We recommend GYEON TireCleaner. Make sure that the surface is clean, dry, and cool to the touch before starting. Work out of direct sunlight.

  1. You can Spray GYEON Q2M Tire directly onto the tire but we recommend using a Foam Tire Applicator like the QYEON Q²M Tire Applicator.
  2. Use the Foam Tire Applicator to spread GYEON Q2M Tire evenly over the tire.
  3. To achieve a more OEM satin finish, wipe tire after 15 minutes using a microfiber towel.  To achieve a more shinny/glossy look, let product dry on tire.  Repeat if more shin/gloss is desired.
  4. Allow coating to dry completely prior to driving with either method above in step 3.

Best Combo for Cleaning and Protecting
GYEON TireCleaner and Tire Coating/Dressing


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