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Great Gift Idea Looking for the perfect gift for any holiday? This conveniently bundled kit makes shopping for the car-person on your list a breeze. Don't sweat the details, our detailing specialists have hand-picked each component in this Ultimate Car Care Bundle!

Bundle Includes:

  • Elite Car Wash Sponge
  • Red Grit Guard Insert
  • P&S Pearl Auto Shampoo
  • P&S Brake Buster
  • P&S Shine All Performance Tire Dressing
  • P&S Bead Maker Paint Protectant
  • P&S Xpress Interior Cleaner
  • Premium Foam Applicator Pad

Bundle Details:

Elite Car Wash Sponge is one of the best sponges for delicate paints or coated vehicles. The more you touch the surface of your car, the better the chances are that you will mar the finish. And over time, this marring will result in unsightly swirls that take away from the looks of your car's finish. We feel your pain, which is why we went through such great lengths to find the softest sponge material available that is safe to use even on the softest, black cars.
Pearl Auto Shampoo is the premium choice of auto shampoo for professional detailers. P&S Renny Doyle Double Black Pearl Auto Shampoo consistently provides an incredible amount of foam and lubricity to ensure a perfectly safe wash each and every time. Because it is formulated with high quality, environmentally safe, you will never have to worry about the run-off from Renny Doyle Double Black Pearl Auto Shampoo. Renny Doyle Double Black Pearl Auto Shampoo is PH balanced to ensure safety for your hands and any vehicle you are working on. Due to its incredible foaming ability, Renny Doyle Double Black Pearl Auto Shampoo can be used with any washing apparatus.
P&S Brake Buster is a Non-Acid Wheel Cleaner that cuts through all the brake dust, oil, dirt, and light corrosion on your wheels! The non-acid formula of P&S Brake Buster Non-Acid Wheel Cleaner is extremely safe on your tires and wheels, ensuring they won’t be damaged or dulled. P&S Brake Buster Non-Acid Wheel Cleaner will even protect your wheels from future corrosion by leaving behind a thin layer of protect protection after its done! Safe on Ceramic Coated Wheels.
P&S Shine All Performance Dressing is a water-based exterior dressing formulated to be used as a high-performance tire dressing. Even though Renny Doyle Double Black Shine All Performance Dressing was developed with exterior use in mind, it can be diluted to protect interior rubber, vinyl, and leather surfaces as well. Renny Doyle Double Black Shine All Performance Dressing will produce a brilliant high-gloss shine to your tires and exterior surfaces. However, if you want a more discreet, satin finish, you can dilute Renny Doyle Double Black Shine All Performance Dressing to fit your desired results.
Bead Maker Paint Protectant is simple to use spray on, wipe off paint sealant that will provide your paint with amazing protection, water beading, and shine for months! Renny Doyle Double Black Bead Maker Paint Protectant was developed using unique polymer protectants that are safe to use on any surface of your car’s exterior. Renny Doyle Double Black Bead Maker Paint Protectant can also be applied to any surface, whether it is dry or wet!
P&S Xpress Interior Cleaner is an effective cleaner for every surface of your interior whose results will exceed your expectations! Although P&S Xpress Interior Cleaner is a versatile and effectual product, it will not damage your interior in the slightest. The application of P&S Xpress Interior Cleaner couldn’t be easier, just spray it on, scrub it in, wipe it off! In addition to be an exceptionally powerful cleaner, P&S Xpress Interior Cleaner is extremely safe for any surface of your interior. P&S Xpress Interior Cleaner can be used on plastic, vinyl, fabric, carpet, and yes, even leather! No matter which surface you apply P&S Xpress Interior Cleaner to, you can rest assured that there will be no discoloration or damage!
The Grit Guard Inserts fit in the bottom of your wash bucket and separates the grit from the mitt! The inserts radial surface design extracts particles such as dirt, grit and grime from your wash mitt, providing a clean, scratch-free wash mitt every time you go back to the bucket for water. All of the potentially harmful dirt settle in the bottom of the bucket, keeping it our of your mitt and off of your paint. This simple and cost effective method protects your precious painted surfaces from being scratched and saves your paint from swirl marks and scratches.
Premium Foam Applicator Pad is a super-soft, premium red foam pad is the perfect solution for applying your favorite wax, sealant, dressings or coating products. This is the exact same applicator of choice at the RI Car Detailing. The tapered edge on these applicators means there is no seam that could potentially scratch your paint.

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