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GYEON Q2M Cure is the perfect way to quickly remove any water spots or surface smudges from your coated vehicle. This unique formula acts as a quick detailer to remove any streaks, dust, or other surface imperfections that hinder the gloss of your coating. GYEON Q2M Cure is a versatile product that makes it easier to maintain a coated vehicle.

You’ve coated your vehicle and love that water beading, so now what? SiO2 coatings last up to 12 months with little maintenance necessary, but that doesn’t mean you’re completely off the hook for an entire year! GYEON Q2M Cure is perfect for keeping the glossy shine of your coated vehicle looking like it was just applied. In fact, you can apply it immediately after application of GYEON Prime or GYEON Mohs for a perfectly smooth, water spot and streak free finish!

GYEON Q2M Cure is designed to work perfectly in conjunction with GYEON coatings. It can be used to eliminate pesky smudges and dust, or used on a freshly washed car as a drying aid. Just a couple of sprays of GYEON Q2M Cure are enough to add an additional layer of shine and protection to a large section of paint, making it a great value. If you love paint coatings, GYEON Q2M Cure is an essential addition to your detailing shelf!

GYEON Q2M Cure should be used on a clean, dry surface outside of direct sunlight. Spray it directly onto the surface and spread an even layer using a Gold Plush Jr. Microfiber towel. Flip the towel and buff the surface to a shine.

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