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Gyeon Q2M Fabric Cleaner is a formula designed to powerfully clean your fabric upholstery. Gyeon Q2M Fabric Cleaner removes contaminants and odors from the surface safely, leaving behind a fresh scent and clean surface ready for protection. Plus, it is easy-to-use.

Gyeon Q2M Fabric Cleaner is a powerful solution to clean your interior, fabric upholstery. It designed to remove contaminants, such as dirt and stains. Not only that, but Gyeon Q2M Fabric Cleaner effectively removes odors. This fabric cleaner will leave your surfaces clean and refreshed, as well as leaving your fabric surfaces ready for a protection.

You can use Gyeon Q2M Fabric Cleaner like a one-step cleaner, being extra beneficial when using a brush or a microfiber towel. You can also use Gyeon Q2M Fabric Cleaner as pre-spray for wet cleaning when used with an extraction vacuum. This product is great for preparing the surface for coating with a product like Q2 Fabric Coat.

Gyeon Q2M Fabric Cleaner is easy-to-use coming in the convenience of a spray bottle. To use on heavier contamination, just spray liberally onto the surface and agitate with an interior brush or microfiber towel. You can even remove with an extraction vacuum cleaner. Next, wipe away with a clean microfiber towel and repeat if needed. If the contamination is on the lighter side, you can spray Gyeon Q2M Fabric Cleaner onto microfiber towel before applying to the surface.

-Spray liberally on the surface.
-Agitate with interior brush in circular motion.
-Wipe the residue away with microfiber towel.
-Repeat if necessary.

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