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GYEON Q2M Foam is a high-foaming wash shampoo ideal for use in a foam gun. Yielding mountains of foam, this safe and effective formula loosens up stubborn dirt and grime so you can rinse it away. GYEON Q2M Foam is safe for use on coated and uncoated vehicles alike.

When your vehicle is dirty it can be difficult to wash away the dirt and grime without accidentally causing swirls or scratches. The perfect solution for this problem is to create a touchless car wash in your own driveway! GYEON Q2M Foam creates piles of foam when used with a foam lance, foam gun, or foam cannon, blanketing your vehicle in lubricating foam. After letting GYEON Q2M Foam soak for a minute, rinse it away and enjoy your clean, shiny, scratch-free finish!

GYEON Q2M Foam is safe for use over your entire vehicle—from paint to polished aluminum! Whether your vehicle is coated or not, GYEON Q2M Foam lifts away dirt and grime so you can safely rinse it away. It leaves no film, either, just a squeaky clean surface ready for the next step!

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