GYEON Q²M Leather Cleaner Mild

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Preps for a coating or just keeps the clean going!
GYEON Leather Cleaner Mild is the perfect product to use for someone who takes good care of their leather but is looking to take it up a notch. GYEON Leather Cleaner Mild is an effective but gentle leather cleaner that will rid your delicate upholstery of light dirt, oily residue, and light discoloration. Once your leather surface is prepped with GYEON Leather Cleaner Mild, it is ready for a coating to give it some lasting protection! Because GYEON Leather Cleaner Mild does not include any softening or preserving additives and leaves a matte finish, your leather will now be a perfectly clean slate for a leather coating!

Leather interior and upholstery has been a sign of luxury in the car community for almost as long as cars have been around. This beautiful material along has the ability to take the value (both monetary and personal) from 0 to 60 in no seconds flat! Although leather is a wonderful material, it does have its pitfalls. If leather is not cared for properly, it can ruin the entire look of your vehicle. And boy is it hard to care for! The best way to take care of your leather is with routine cleanings and proper protection. GYEON Leather Cleaner Mild will help you do both of these things much more easily!

GYEON Leather Cleaner Mild takes the sensitive nature of leather into account. Because leather is so easily damaged, using an aggressive cleaner to care for it can leave it looking much worse than if you had just left it alone. This is why GYEON Leather Cleaner Mild was formulated using cleaners that are not simply good at cleaning surfaces but are also gentle enough to not damage your leather in the process!

While GYEON Leather Cleaner Mild does make for a fantastic cleaner, it was designed to be followed up with a durable and lasting leather coating. GYEON Leather Cleaner Mild does not include a lot of the ingredients that have become commonplace in leather cleaners now-a-days. Things such as softening and preserving additives were excluded from the formula of GYEON Leather Cleaner Mild to ensure that there would not be anything left of the surface that would hinder a coatings ability to bond.

Once you do have your leather properly coated, GYEON Leather Cleaner Mild will still give you a great way to clean your coated leather as well. GYEON Leather Cleaner Mild does not contain any harsh chemicals or other ingredients that would harm the coating you applied. So, GYEON Leather Cleaner Mild can be used as a regular maintenance cleaner to keep your leather looking and feeling great!

Vacuum upholstery before cleaning. In the case of light contamination, spray on a microfiber and wipe gently. In the case of stronger contamination, spray on a small area and clean with a quality leather brush. Remove dirt with straight motions, do not rub it in with the microfiber.

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