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The GYEON Smoothie Wash Mitt is a durable wash mitt equipped with thousands of silky soft microfiber strands that gently whisk dirt away from the surfaces of your vehicle. The long, soft fibers trap dirt and grime, and help minimize the risk of scratches and marring. The rugged and durable GYEON Smoothie Wash Mitt is the ideal wash mitt for routine washes, especially on heavily soiled vehicles, or as a designated wheel mitt.

When washing your vehicle, the right tools can mean the difference between success and disaster. If you choose the wrong tools, you’ll end up with scratches, marring, and a whole lot more compound and polish work! The GYEON Smoothie Wash Mitt is perfect for routine washes as the long, soft microfiber strands gently grab dirt and lift it off of the surface, keeping it away from paint.

The GYEON Smoothie Wash Mitt is composed of thousands of soft microfiber stands that hold tons of soapy water. All of the soapy suds, coupled with the silky strands glide over paint providing a safe wash experience. The elasticized cuff at the wrist band helps keep the GYEON Smoothie Wash Mitt comfortably on your hand, reducing the risk of dropping the mitt during washing.

For best results, use the GYEON Smoothie Wash Mitt on your GYEON coated vehicle using a high quality maintenance shampoo like GYEON Bathe. Rinse the mitt frequently during washing to remove any grit or grime collected from the surface of the vehicle. After the car wash is complete, thoroughly rinse the GYEON Smoothie Wash Mitt. Wash the GYEON Smoothie Wash Mitt with GYEON Towel Wash to remove any buildup and allow to dry out of direct sunlight.

GYEON Smoothie Wash Mitt

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