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Jescar Micro Finishing Polish, developed using the same advanced abrasive technology as the Jescar Correcting Compound, contains uniform particles that will perfect your paint quickly and consistently. Jescar Micro Finishing Polish contains no fillers, silicones, or waxes that hide paint imperfections – not only making Jescar Finishing Polish body-shop safe, but also a genuine paint polish that will leave your paint looking it’s best.

Jescar Micro Finishing Polish is perfect as a follow-up to Jescar Correcting Compound, or as a stand-alone polish for shining paint!

Depending on your paint’s condition, a full correction step with compounding may be necessary – but not always! If your paint is just looking for some brightening up, then a micro polish may be just what you need. Jescar Micro Finishing Polish removes 3000 grit sanding marks on fresh paint, swirls marks and holograms from previous steps and general paint hazing.

Jescar Micro Finishing Polish is a low dusting formula that boasts an impressive working time with fast results. Rather than just filling the paint and making it appear perfect with fillers, silicones, and waxes, Jescar Micro Finishing Polish permanently eliminates paint defects for a truly perfect shine. As it contains no fillers or silicones, Jescar Micro Finishing Polish is body-shop safe.

If your paint needs some heavy defect removal, Jescar Micro Finishing Polish is the perfect follow-up to a compounding step with Jescar Correcting Compound. In fact, with just these two products, your paint, no matter how heavily oxidized, swirled, or defected, will be clean of all imperfections!
For the perfect combination, follow the Jescar Micro Finishing Polish with Jescar UltraLock Polymer Paint Sealant!

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