Jescar Ultra Lock Plus Polymer Paint Sealant 8oz

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Jescar Ultra Lock Plus Polymer Paint Sealant

Jescar has been developing and manufacturing industry-leading polymer paint sealants for many years now, and now their formula has been updated to create an even better product with greater durability.

Ridiculously easy to use, super high-gloss, wet-look, and slick finish! Make your car look absolutely amazing with very little effort...

Polymer paint sealant
Protects surface from airborne contaminants
Guarantees a deep, wet-look finish
New, longer lasting formula (up to 6 months durability)
Can be applied by hand, or by machine (we prefer to do it by hand)

Directions for Best Results
By hand: Use a soft foam applicator to apply a thin layer of sealant. Allow to dry to a haze and remove residue after 30 minutes using a clean, high quality microfiber towel.

By machine: Use a small amount (2-3 small drops per working section) of Power Lock Plus on a finishing pad to get an even coverage. No pressure is needed, and set the D/A polisher at speed 2 or 3. Apply to the entire vehicle, then remove after about 30 minutes using a high quality microfiber towel.

If desired, a second layer of Power Lock Plus can be applied for even greater protection and durability. Wait a minimum of 3 hours after the first application before adding the second layer.

Pro Tip:
For best results, be sure to thoroughly clean your car first, and after drying, liberally strip the surface with Gyeon Prep to ensure a good bond between the paint and the Jescar Power Lock Plus.

Size: 8oz

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