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Gyeon Q2 QuickView is formulated to be an easy-to-use rain repellent. Only taking a matter of seconds to apply, Gyeon Q2 QuickView will give you lasting protection for up to six months. Gyeon Q2 QuickView will provide outstanding repellency of water and even contaminants, enhancing visibility significantly.

Windows can be a tough one to clean. Your vehicle's glass is your windows to the world when you are driving. It is critical that you get the best field of vision possible. You don't need dead bugs, water spots or other types of contaminants blocking your vision or distracting you out of the corner of your eye. Luckily, Gyeon Q2 QuickView will keep your windshield crystal clear!

Gyeon Q2 QuickView uses an enhanced formula to create an ultra-slick coat. This thick coat ensures that your glass surfaces will have intense water repellency. Because of this, water won't stay on your glass surfaces, like your windshield, causing dirt and other contaminants to stick around. Had the water and contaminants stuck around, you'd get not only an ugly look, but it also could impair your driving visibility. Instead, it will increase your visibility and safety in bad weather conditions and even when wipers aren’t used.

Gyeon Q2 Quickview is easy-to-use, as long as you follow the proper instructions. First, make sure the glass surface is free of any contaminants, this is to ensure maximum bonding. It is recommended to decontaminate with clay and then with a prep spray before application. If you want to stick with Gyeon, Q2M Clay Mild or Coarse and Q2M Prep can be used. Once the surface is prepped, you are ready to apply Gyeon Q2 Quickview. To apply, simply apply in by section in a circular motion. Allow it to dry for at least five minutes before wiping away with a damp microfiber wipe.

-Decontaminate the surface before applying.
-Apply in a circular motion, section by section.
-Let dry for 5 minutes
-Wipe away with a damp microfiber towel.

120 ML

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